Printed French Catheter Scales

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Custom Printed French Catheter Scales are great for advertisement in the medical industry! From doctors' offices to medical supply companies, these imprinted promotional French Catheter Scales are sure to make an impression, promote your company and be useful to others, all at the same time!

French Catheter Scales


Printed French Catheter Scales

Ideal for medical promotions, these custom printed French Catheter Scales can be custom printed with your company's logo and contact information for a useful and practical advertisment solution. From doctors to medical suppliers, these customized tools make an inexpensive yet effective promotional products that is sure to please.

With several styles available and your custom imprint, you've got a cheap promotional tool that can be passed out everywhere to get the biggest bang for your buck! Print your custom logo and contact information on these French Catheter Scales and pass them out to clients to be used time and time again! Your logo will always be in sight and will constantly be advertised.

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